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3D projects in B2B Marketing

For an international B2B company active in the steel components industry, our approach has to be to create realistic 3D video using the software Blender 2.9 and CAD files. The traditional approach for generic 3D video often focuses on tilting sequences and exploded views. Our approach has been to raise the bar on the outcome quality and try to communicate the company’s expertise in the industrial sector by depicting as close as possible the actual conditions at the customer level.

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The ability to show complex non-visible phenomena allowed to quickly open discussion on their products’ added value and to systematic transformation from R&D perceive feature to an organized list of customer value arguments.

Though not meant to be a full sales pitch on its own, this 3D content highly contributed to present a broad overview of the product functionalities, re-phrase the company message, and start debates, especially in location where technical English is not the best.

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