What we are proud of!

Showroom project

Digital strategies often need to be complemented by physical experiences. In industrial B2B sector, our finding was that a products showroom could deliver a true feeling of what the company products are for the visiting decision makers, next to real operating conditions demos.

With the help of our 3D graphic designer, our challenge has therefore been to conceive a brand-new showroom for this industrial company. We firstly rendered few sketches, selected the new innovative products with product managers then partners with local companies to source the different component (special product holders, print wall graphics,..).

The results is a tailored to the need: a mini tradeshow booth within the company embedding parts, mechanical machines, nice graphics and fancy ambiance lights. We complimented it with different screens and a dedicated mini app to browse inside the product offering.

We are very proud of the results! Interested in this project, let’s discuss this!