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Marketing Management Consulting

Are you short of plug and play marketing profesionnals to support your next challenge? Good news, we are there to help you !

These past few years, Marketing Management in B2B business has been forced to adapt to the current phygital environement we now live in.

With the grow of digital marketing, the traditional 4P's of marketing have been tremendously impacted:

  • Digital promotion is getting the new norm to complement other tools like brochures, sales presentation,...;
  • Automatic price definition depending of the customer needs is no longer science fiction
  • Products are turned into customer experiences which need to be consistent from early stages of the product developement.
  • Go-to-market strategy need to consider the web as a significant channel in both customer journey and buying process.

In addition, the extended use of data now allows to improve the segmentation and targeting strategies.

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Managing these evolutions requires specific skills to coordinate with a lot of other business stakholder as IT, data science and communication.

With more than 10 years in the marketing field within multiple B2B industries, and a specility in web marketing, we offer interim and consultancy management missions to support your marketing challenges and help you achieving your business objectives.

Do you need an extra help in B2B marketing? Don't hesitate to reach out !